A Critical Appraisal of Chinese Official Development Assistance in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Case of Cameroon

Takwi, NGENUE Lilian
국제대학원 NGO학과
Graduate School of International Studies Ajou University
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Decades have gone by since foreign aid started flowing into poverty stricken regions of the world like Asia, South America and Africa but unfortunately the situation is same or even worst. Extreme poverty has equally been lingering around the globe for as long as possible. There has actually been some positive progress in some of the poverty stricken areas while a majority of them have failed to progress out of poverty thus making the foreign aid agenda unsuccessful. Many prominent economists have done their best to find out the reason behind this failure. The rich nations like America, Britain, France have propelled the issue of foreign aid with certain strategic motivations until of recent with the coming up of China as an important player in the field. China comes in with an approach which it sees to be unique and dynamic and just like a powerful magnet; it has attracted and continues to attract many African countries. The question is if this very beautiful and attractive approach by China has different motivations from that of the West. If Chinese ODA motivations are no different from those of the West then Cameroon has to respond strategically to the intensions of Chinese ODA and its results. A brief review of the works of great writers like Jeffrey Sachs, William Easterly and Dambissa Moyo who present their views about ODA approach in general justifies it. This research narrows down to a critical appraisal of Chinese ODA in Cameroon and is motivated by the warm embrace extended by Africa and Cameroon to Chinese ODA. China within the twinkle of an eye rises as an economic giant in the world and takes little or no time to become a donor country. Equally its ODA policy is a cause for concern. The developing world has always stood as a testing ground for many things and ideas. This research critically looks at the motivations behind China’s ODA in Africa and Cameroon in particular with the aid of theories such as realism and Marxist theories of international relations.

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