Analysis of down-flow, 3-outlet pulverized coal distributor comprising swirl flow to overcome particle roping phenomenon using CFD

일반대학원 에너지시스템학부
The Graduate School, Ajou University
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The rope like structure formed by pulverized coal in the pneumatic conveying line creates uneven coal distribution among the burners of the entrained bed gasifier. This uneven distribution of pulverized coal particles affects the performance of the gasifier which in turn affects the overall IGCC (Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle) power plant’s performance. Coal distributor is developed whose function is to counteract particle roping phenomenon in order to evenly distribute the pulverized coal to the three burners of the entrained bed gasifier. The pulverized coal distributor (PCD) contains jets which give swirl motion to coal particles in order to produce uniform distribution of coal in the three burners of the gasifier. Optimum position, number of jets and angle of swirl of the jets, used in PCD, are determined for uniform distribution of coal in the burners, through Computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Furthermore, various cases of uneven flow of pulverized coal, due to particle roping, are analyzed. Moreover, CFD simulation along with experimental verification is done on the effect of volume flow rate of jet gas on coal distribution. The Eurler-Lagrangian approach is used to simulate the dilute phase particle motion. Conservation equations for mass and momentum and K-Epsilon Realizable turbulence model is employed to simulate the carried fluid phase in PCD.

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