Impact of green supply chain management on company performances

Kenzhekhanuly, Yermek
Byeong-Yun Chang
국제대학원 국제경영학과
Graduate School of International Studies Ajou University
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Environmental issues are being addressed more often these days as the issues are causing an enormous danger to the survival of nature. Governments and other third party organizations are making much stricter laws and regulations in order for companies to comply and follow those rules. Furthermore, environmental awareness of consumers driving companies to re-think environmental strategies of companies and to produce more environmentally friendly products. Outside pressures had driven companies to implement environmental practices such as cleaner production and environmental management systems which address the existing environmental issues. Adopting proactive and innovative environmental practices brought to the introduction of green supply chain management (GSCM) which involves incorporating environmental thinking at each stage of supply chain management. Many companies question the positive influence of implementing GSCM practices to economic performance as they believe that implementing GSCM practices are costly, time consuming, and negatively affects. The purpose of this study is to examine the relationships between pressures, GSCM practices, and company performances. Through the extensive literature review this study developed a research model including five constructs: external pressures, internal pressures, GSCM practices, environmental performance, and economic performance. Statistical analyses were based on the data collected, through survey questionnaires, from 19 companies in Republic of Korea. In addition, structural equation modeling was used to analyze the data and to test the developed hypotheses. The results of the analyses indicated an insignificant influence of external pressures to GSCM practices and internal pressures to GSCM practices. It is found that GSCM practices positively influence the environmental performance of companies and the environmental performance also positively influence the economic performance of companies. The indirect link between GSCM practices and the economic performance is found to be significant. The findings indicate that companies involved in GSCM practices would benefit from performance improvements. However, the pressures from external and internal factors are still insignificant which implies that the governments should be involved in the process of greening. Keywords: pressures, GSCM practices, environmental performance, economic performance, structural equation modeling, Republic of Korea.

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