A Study on Determinants of Cloud Computing Adoption in Republic of Korea

ABATE, Yabibal Afewok
Beong Yun Chang
국제대학원 국제경영학과
The Graduate School, Ajou University
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Graduate school of international studies ajou universityGSIS
Alternative Abstract
The purpose of this study is to examine the major determinants of cloud computing adoption in Republic of Korea (Rep. of Korea) by applying the two widely used information technology (IT) adoption theories at firm level i.e. Diffusion of Innovation and Technology, Organization Environment framework. We have combined and modified these theories to fit with the context of cloud computing. The eight factors, selected as determinants of cloud computing, were; top management support, degree of formalization, infrastructure availability, organizational size, technological complexity, relative advantage, competitors’ pressure and trading partners’ pressure. A questionnaire based survey was used to collect data. The questionnaire was distributed to 125 IT experts out of which 60 usable responses were collected yielding a 48% response rate. Several statistical data analysis methods were applied mainly, factor analysis method and logistic regression. Relative advantage and top management support were found to be the significant determining factors of cloud computing adoption in Rep. of Korea. In contrast, formalization, technological complexity, competitors’ pressure and trading partners’ pressure were found to be insignificant. Plausible justification for the insignificance of these factors is made. Keywords: cloud computing adoption, information technology, diffusion of innovation, technology-organization- environment.  

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