E-government as a Tool for Increasing Business and Administrative Efficiency

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Mohammed Alnour
안와 모하메드
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Mohammed Alnour
국제대학원 국제경영학과
Graduate School of International Studies Ajou University
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No doubt, the information and communication technology revolution has changed the world a lot. This revolution has been used by governments to bring up E-government domain. E-government aims to reform the government sector and provide quality services to the citizens and private sector. In this thesis, we have reviewed the e-government concept, definition, functions, types and evolutions. In addition, we have focused more on local e-government where it enables the regional governments to computerize and reform. Additionally, the complexity of information exchange process between Back Office and Front Office is seriously considered. As a matter of fact, Janssen and Van have tried to handle the issue by creating architectural model, which facilitates the process between Back Office and Front Office. This thesis examines the model and clarifies its advantages. Nevertheless, some discontinuities have been found in Janssen's model and it needs to be developed in order to accommodate the latest technology. Consequently, we have upgraded Janssen's model in a way that tackles all the discontinuities. The proposed architecture consists of three tiers, identified as User End, Middle End and the Back Office. The architecture we have proposed contains many features and benefits, such as accommodating the latest technologies that enable users to access fro everywhere at anytime, ensuring the users privacy, enable more business applications to take place, and fulfilling the users request within accurate and real time. Finally, our proposed architecture institutionalizes "Ubiquitous Government", which will computerize all the aspects of life.

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