Evaluating the Promisingness of Vacant Technology Using Patent Analysis

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특허분석을 통한 공백기술 유망성 평가
일반대학원 인공지능학과
The Graduate School, Ajou University
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bibliographic couplinggenerative topographic mappingvacant technology
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In the era of technological competition, technology vacancy is defined as a promising technology that is likely to open a new market that has not yet received attention. Accordingly, Various studies have been conducted using patent data to find these vacant technologies. Existing studies have contributed a lot to the field of extracting promising future technologies through vacant technologies. However, in the vacant technology extraction method, it has been limited based on citation information or text information among data in patents. In the case of patent citation information, there is a problem that information is generated by inventors or experts and is limited to the knowledge system they have. Therefore, if promising technologies are derived based only on the cited information of patents, there is a risk that the contents of the overall technology may be omitted. In this study, by integrating detecting vacant technology methodology will derive vacant technology from various perspectives, and the validity of the characteristics is verified by confirming the characteristics of the developed vacant technology. To this end, the data are divided into past and present points to analyze what characteristics exist for the technology that was evaluated as a past vacant technology but currently has been filled. Research on the characteristics of the developed vacant technology can be said to be essential to analyze it by reducing the ambiguity and uncertainty of the R&D decision-making process of a company or country.

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