Tag Reel: 소셜 태깅 시스템에서의 태그 연관성 시각화

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Tag Reel: A Visualization of Tag Relationships in the Social Tagging System
Bae, Joohee
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Joohee Bae
일반대학원 미디어학과
The Graduate School, Ajou University
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social taggingvisualizationtag reeltagsocial bookmarking
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Social tagging systems provide users with the ability to share information and extend their field of knowledge. The purpose of this paper is to investigate relationships among resources being tagged for sharing information in the social tagging system and visualize what connections they have. To do this, two types of experiments were conducted. Experiments were limited to five areas of interests: music, photography, games, books and videos. Samples were taken from 50 English-language web pages in the social bookmarking service Delicious.com. A classifying method was used to characterize words into seven tagging types. And multidimensional scaling (MDS) analysis was conducted for measuring the semantic distances. Via the results of the tag analysis of this study, relationships between tags and resources in user interests were demonstrated. Tag Reel employed a radial visualization method, which has the advantage of giving an overview of the whole cluster of connection among tags. Tag Reel implied innovative approaches by classifying seven tagging types and representing semantic distances by multidimensional scaling. This can be possible to show the semantic concept of connections between tags and resources. Additionally, this research contributes to raising the cognitive power and awareness of tag usage and establishes the capacity of expanding a social service.

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