u-Learning 학습매체 사용 분석을 위한 로그 분석 시스템 설계 및 개발

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Sungsook Kim
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Sungsook Kim
교육대학원 E-러닝
The Graduate School, Ajou University
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u-LearningBehavior trackingLog dataWeb database system
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In this paper, for analyzing the learner’s behavior tracking, the previous research results on various learning media and usability of the media are surveyed firstly, and then the analysis process model are built. Based on the results of the related researches, this paper develops a log data analysis system for evaluating the usability of a number of u-Learning medias. The research contents and the methodologies of this paper are as follows. First, they summary the previous research results that help the analysis of the characteristics and technologies of various learning media used in u-learning systems. Second, prototype a log data analysis system that obeys the data analyzing process of the u-Learning media, Third, prove the applicability of the developed system by using real trace data that are generated by a number of real clients and analyze the tracks of use-pattern of the medium users. The key characteristics of the developed system are 1) Compared to the previous log format that describes the learner’s action chronological order only, a new log data format is designed to capture the detail of learner’s behaviors and the specialty of the medium 2) Using the developed system, it is possible to have one-stop fully automatic analysis process that evaluating the effect of each learning medium and the behavior of the learners 3) Considering the efficiency and cost, the web database system is implemented by using open source software. As the contribution of this paper, it gives a quantitative evidence for estimating the learner’s behavior tracking in u-Learning system that use various learning medium interconnected. Also, as the huge amounts of log data are processed automatically by the developed system, a burden of data refinement job for tracking learner’s behavior is relieved.

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