Design and Implementation of Sensor Service Portal (SSP): A Portal Architecture for Ubiquitous Pervasive Environment

Raza, Muhammad Taqi
정보통신전문대학원 정보통신공학과
The Graduate School, Ajou University
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A variety of services would be offered in ubiquitous era (U?era) which would be requested through any digital device that is capable for network communication. This creates the requirement of a portal that may act as a single platform, through which all types of services could be accessible. One solution is to use the web portal architecture, but it provides real time/dynamic access to the stored information, but not access to the real time information. Moreover web portal is not well workable for immense network traffic, when almost every digital device is capable of network communication. This thesis describes the possible requirements in U?era and proposes a new architecture, known as sensor service portal (SSP) architecture, according to the need and the requirements in pervasive environment. We have introduced the concept of SSP local in the proposed architecture, so that the local queries could be solved locally, rather than to route them over the Internet. To provide the in?depth analysis of the SSP, we have evaluated it through the strong mathematical analysis. At the end, we have deployed a test?bed and real time measurements are taken, which proves the efficacy and workability of the sensor service portal.

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