A Collaborative Requirements Elicitation Model For Crowdsourcing Platforms

Seok-Won Lee
일반대학원 컴퓨터공학과
The Graduate School, Ajou University
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Crowdsourcing has evolved as a great sourcing model solution where individuals and companies benefit from by finding solutions for simple and complex tasks. Some of the tasks on crowdsourcing platforms can be solved by a single crowd while others are done more efficiently by collaborations among crowds from different locations; in fact, designing is one of the tasks that has shown the need for collaboration of crowd with different knowledge in order to create an effective and proper designs. Although recent researches have discovered that collaboration should be considered to effectively crowdsource the entire design task, most of the current designing competition platforms do not consider collaboration while creating designs; henceforth unfortunately, the opportunity for designers within these platforms to make a much better design is ignored. Consequently, this causes challenges for designers such as spending much time and effort for collecting relevant information alone or from the clients, who sometimes are not sure of what is required, and even sometimes they end up missing some key required information to complete their tasks effectively. In this work, in order to deal with such challenges, we propose a co-operative requirements elicitation method to help designers gathering requirements (functional, non-functional, business, etc.) before starting the design process. Our proposed approach is conducted right before the designing task itself and it allows designers to cooperatively provide, share, select, and validate appropriate requirements which can then be used in the design process.

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