Overview of floating solar power plant and is it potential in Myanmar?

Park, Hui Joon
국제대학원 융합에너지학과
Graduate School of International Studies Ajou University
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The floating photovoltaic system is a new energy technology to meet the increasing energy demand. The system integrates existing land-based photovoltaic technology with a newly developed floating photovoltaic technology. Because generation efficiency of module temperature in floating solar system more than land-based solar system. In Myanmar Power generation mix, it heavily relies on hydropower generation and Hydropower generation depends on seasonal condition. In summer, all hydropower plants can’t generate to meet the maximum demand due to lack of water in dams or reservoirs. The ministry of electricity and energy has to control the amount of water in dams and reservoirs. They always check the water levels of all reservoirs and dams how many days they can generate from the hydropower plants and has to adjust the gas turbine generation. Hydropower is the based load generation and collaborated with gas turbine and coal power plants to meet the maximum demand. Electricity outage and load shedding often happen in the summer season. Moreover, Myanmar power grid system is weak and there are other issues to fulfill the future demand. The government is trying to put new technology and resources to fulfill demand with less impact. Floating solar consideration becomes based on these challenges. In this paper, 30MW floating solar power plant was considered to build one if the hydropower plants in Myanmar with assumptions. The consideration is based on the technical and economic potential for floating solar power plant. And also, it is focused to collect the water from the reservoirs area from the hydropower plants to generate more electricity by adding a floating system like a hybrid system. It will be made sure that there are potential conditions to get solar radiation for floating solar system. In the pilot simulation, the result comes out the annual savings water by implementing the floating solar in the dam. It is beneficial for hydropower plant because the hydropower plant can generate more by using the annual savings water. So, the floating solar may be one of the solutions for Myanmar electricity challenges and can be developed in the future.

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