Effect of off-grid Solar Energy on rural Micro Small & Medium-sized Enterprises in three neighbouring districts of northern Uganda.

Park Hui Joon
국제대학원 융합에너지학과
Graduate School of International Studies Ajou University
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Research has shown convincingly that no country has improved economically and reduced energy poverty without increasing the supply of electricity. The growth of Micro-Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Uganda is assumed to be directly proportional to increase in use of off grid photovoltaic PV electricity contributing to changes in business characteristics of small scale industrialists, employees and the local communities where these businesses are located. The thesis is to evaluate the effect of off-grid PV electrification on MSMEs in rural areas of Uganda. Convenience sampling techniques were used to study sixty (60) off-grid PV powered MSMEs in Northern Uganda region with similar business characteristics. The study was to examine the economic benefits and identify challenges; financial, technical and maintenance of PV systems in rural electrification on MSMEs and also to evaluate job performance after and before MSMEs were connected to off-grid PV installations. The goal of thesis is to discover the connection between improved access to off-grid PV electricity and MSMEs growth in upcountry areas of Uganda. This research project examined the quality of life experienced by changes in both MSMEs and the community services after connection to off-grid PV electricity. The findings of the study shows that the MSMEs growth rates were noticeably higher in areas with off-grid PV connection. MSMEs in Uganda are a source of employment for the poor, hence leading to poverty alleviation.

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