Kim, Hyung Taek
국제대학원 융합에너지학과
Graduate School of International Studies Ajou University
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The integration and the development of renewable energy are recommended in the last decade. First, due to the environmental benefits that help in the reduction of GHG emissions, care about population`s health, and second due to economic benefit that helps to create a new job and contribute directly to national GDP. And lastly for the sustainability of energy. Sustainability supply of energy means to think about the present and the future generation and work in self-sufficiency condition. To arrive to this condition, first, we need to boost the investment and design the appropriate policy for the implementation and promote the renewable energy. According to the Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index (RECAI) (Warren, 2018), many developed countries have been ranked in the top countries most attractiveness of renewable energy. based on the change tracked in the share of renewable energy deployment growth and policy implemented. Many efforts have done, for this issue with the developed countries, after assessing the appropriate policy and cost option, in order to achieve the target of clean energy. Germany is one of the top countries in renewable energy integration, going very fast to arrive at 30% in this year (biomass accounted (Energy, 2008),almost countries has started by regulatory policy than fiscal and incentive policies to arrive at the use of both (REN21, RENEWABLES , 2018),combined by the choose the best opportunity cost. Those policies are based on price and quantity instrument, price in fixing the tariff and the quantity by quota production. Solar and wind energy are one of the sustainable energies that control the renewable energy supply in which explain the decreasing of capital intensity compared with other fuel (Brunnschweiler.C.N, 2010) Some countries are still far away from the use of clean energy. For that, in this research I will stimulate my conclusion from the experience of others successful cases taking in consideration cases from European countries (Germany, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Italy), others from America (United State ,Brazil, Canada) and others from Asia Pacific (South Korea, Japan, India),to investigate the reason that boost the growth rate of solar and wind renewable energy in investment trend and in use . The result suggests those factors such as GDP, the price natural gas and oil, the share of coal and nuclear in the electricity production and the energy importation rate have derived to boost the investment and the use in solar & wind energy.

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