Analysis of NGO Development in South Korea, for Development fo Futures NGO in Mexico

Jeong Hyoung Wook
국제대학원 NGO학과
Graduate School of International Studies Ajou University
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Abstract For a country to have an integral development between civil society and government and, as a result, generate economic, social and political development, it is important to have an active participation of civil society, because society is the fundamental basis for the development of a nation and how society is considered in decision-making by the Government, forming a legitimate State and with mutual correspondence between the State and society. Currently, the participation of civil society in decision making occurs more frequently in developed countries, where societies such as South Korea, which has a participation of almost 80% of its population in the last presidential election, according to the National Electoral Assembly of South Korea, and being a highly organized society, is an important part of decision-making, which directly impacts the country's economy. Another example is the case of Mexico, where a clear governmental control over Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) is visible, but currently, civil society begins to organize itself in a peaceful way, through the creation of NGOs, which have the intention of act as intermediaries, in decisions between government and society. It also includes an analysis of the theories of social movements, being the fundamental point of this research topic; and with the analysis of the development of NGOs in South Korea, is how a possible strategy or model to be followed will be obtained, so that the development of the NGO in Mexico can be clear, concrete and real, independent of the government, but dependent and of benefit to society.

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