The Role of Rural Women in sustainable Community Development

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dc.description학위논문(석사)아주대학교 국제대학원--국제개발협력학과,2012. 1-
dc.description.tableofcontentsChapter One: GENERAL INTRODUCTION 1 1.1 Introductory Note. 1 1.1.1 Conferences on women and development 1 1.1.2 Other women conferences. 2 1.1.3 The International Forum on Education ODA 29TH November 2011 Bussan Korea 3 1.2 Community development 5 1.3 Hypothesis of the study 6 1.4 Research objectives 6 1.5 Research questions 6 1.6 Research method. 6 1.7 Chapter outline.. 7 Chapter Two: THEORETICAL AND LITERATURE FRAME WORK 2.1 Africa and the Millennium Development Goals 8 2.2 The System Theory 9 2.3 Development as Freedom 10 2.4 Many Faces of Gender Inequality.. 11 2.5 Definitions of key terms. 11 2.5.1 Sustainability, Community and Development.. 11 2.5.2 Women Empowerment 16 2.5.3 Rural Area 20 2.6 Related stories in Asia. 21 2.7 Conclusion 22 Chapter Three: HISTORICAL EVOLUTION OF THE SITUATION OF WOMEN IN THE COMMUNITY 3.1 The geographical context of this work. 23 3.2 Cultural stratification of communities and the role of women before colonization 24 3.3 The Position of women during the colonial period. 27 3.4 The Situation of women after the colonial period. 29 3.5-Conclusion. 32 Chapter Four: THE CONTRIBUTION OF WOMEN IN COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT 4.1 How women have so far help in community development 34 4.1.1 Economy. 34 4.1.2-Agriculture 38 4.1.3 Education 38 4.1.4 Security. 43 4.2- The contribution of the government in promoting women empowerment and their role in community development. 44 4.2.1- The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural development. (MINADER). 44 4.2.2-The Ministry of Womens Empowerment and the Family (MINPROFF) 45 4.2.3-Other Government efforts 48 4.3 The role of NGO 50 4.4 Discussion 53 4.5 Conclusion. 55 Chapter Five: CONCLUDING DISCUSSIONS AND RECOMMENDATION 5.1 DISCUSSIONS. 57 5.2 Recommendation 58 5.3 Conclusion. 61-
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dc.titleThe Role of Rural Women in sustainable Community Development-
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dc.description.alternativeAbstractAbstract In recent times, if there is any concept that has not been vastly exploited, it?s certainly not community development. The planners have all done their best to see it work and for these, there have been a remarkable improvement on the development of local communities. But in all of these efforts there is a missing link, as hard as the various actors try (the international organizations, the governments, and local NGOs,) to make it go faster and easier, they have been a slow rate of progress as far as development is concern. The searchers have come in using the participatory approach to involve the local population in developmental projects but it seems difficult to pin point what is happening especially in the North West region of Cameroon. It is in this light that this thesis in the mist of others will try to identify the role of the woman. Looking at the plight of women today in developing countries, their role in development is greatly ignored. The planners have totally ignored the role of women in the numerous policies and project design. Despite the popular saying; ?behind a successful man is a woman?. This virtue is headily identified. This thesis will identify the contribution of women and see how they can be empowered and given the chance to contribute their quota as concern community development.-
dc.title.subtitleCase Study: The North West Region Of Cameroon-
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