4. Theses(Ph.D)56

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-08Self-Adaptive Security Requirements Engineering for Blockchain-Based Cloud PlatformIRISH SINGH
2022-08The Rationalization of Network Segregation for Financial Service최만용
2022-08QoS Support End-to-End Path Selection with Optimized Link Utilization on Multi-domain SDN이규민
2022-02Smart Digital Forensics: An Application of Supervised Learning to Industrial Network and System조우연
2022-02V2X 환경에서의 DoS 공격과 대응방안에 관한 연구고태형
2022-02Decentralized Learning Framework for Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks채성윤
2022-02Chain code-based Image Compression and Transfer Schemes for Electronic Shelf Label Systems김영준
2022-02차량내부통신 프로토콜 형식 역공학 연구지청민
2021-08Design of Secure Authentication and Data Sharing Schemes in Precision Medicine and Electronic Prescription Systems김득훈
2021-08A Comprehensive IIoT Security Framework김성진
2021-02Emotion classification using physiological data with machine learning: case studies on healthy people and Alzheimer’s disease patients with dementia서정렬
2021-02Learning-Based Anti-Jamming and Routing Misbehavior Detection for Ad Hoc NetworksBASOMINGERA ROBERT
2020-08Towards IIoT Cyber Security권성문
2020-08Trust-Based Intelligent Routing for Mission-Critical Wireless Sensor Networks금두호
2020-02Performance Enhancement and Quality of Service Improvement in Software Defined NetworksALI JEHAD
2020-02A Profiling Detection Framework for Unknown Attack손동식
2020-02Towards a Robust, Scalable and High-Performance Next Generation NVM Based Storage ArchitectureMATIVENGA RONNIE
2020-02Scarce biomedical sample exploitation approach for multimodal time series data integration이가람
2020-02Performance Improvement for Advanced Neighbor Discovery Process in Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0-enabled IoT Networks산고양
2020-02Cyber Security Threat Analysis Model for Countermeasure to New and Variant Threats최슬기
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