4. Theses(Ph.D)75

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-08Design of Functional Oxide and Nitride Nanomaterials for Flexible Electrochemical Energy Storage DevicesQADEER AKBAR SIAL
2022-08Studies on the Synthesis and Structural Characterizations of the New Transition Metal Chalcogenides윤우진
2022-02Investigation of electrical and mechanical characteristics of the two-dimensional nanomaterials/polymer systems채관병
2022-02A study on iron-based zeolites for liquid-phase partial oxidation of methane with hydrogen peroxide김민식
2022-02Transition Metal-Catalyzed Carbon Upcycling정연주
2022-02Effect of Phosphorus Compounds in the Fouling Behavior of Hydrothermal Carbonization Sewage Sludge via Drop Tube Furnace Experiments박주창
2022-02Elucidation of operation and degradation mechanisms of efficient organic solar cells유신영
2021-08Development of Two-Photon Probes for Lipid Droplets Screening and NAD(P)H Quinone Oxidoreductase Activity조명기
2021-08Investigation of light-induced carrier behaviors in monolayer MoS₂ with Kelvin probe force microscopy임웅빈
2021-02난분해성 사불화탄소(CF4) 제거를 위한 저전력 열 플라즈마 시스템 최적화 및 분해특성 연구황상연
2021-02A Study on the Flow Instability Generation of Viscoelastic Fluid in Microchannels with Side Wells and Its Applications to Microreactor홍선옥
2021-02A study on the particle focusing induced by the normal stress differences of colloidal dispersions in microfluidic flow김부건
2020-08바이오매스를 이용한 반탄화 공정의 특성 및 경제성 평가에 관한 연구박재현
2020-08Ratiometric Two-photon Fluorescence Probes for Carboxylesterase Activity and Cellular Polarity박상준
2020-08Novel fiber optic devices with strongly enhanced graphene-evanescent field interaction for ultrafast fiber laser applications박남훈
2020-08Theory of wave propagation in inhomogeneous complex media including Dirac materials, bi-isotropic metamaterials, and plasmas김슬옹
2020-08Modeling GCAM-Korea at Provincial-Level and its Applications전승호
2020-08Distributed Feedback Lasing from Arbitrary Gain MorphologiesUMAR MUHAMMAD
2020-08Modeling Air Pollutant Emissions from Provincial-Level Road Transportation Sector of Korea노민영
2020-02Study on the fabrication techniques of nanocomposites based on g-C3N4 and TiO2 and their photocatalytic activityWANG YUNFEI
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