3. Theses(Master)612

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-08Artificial Integration Sites Harboring Ubiquitous Chromatin Opening Elements Enable Efficient Targeted Knock-In and High Transgene Expression in Mammalian Cells김슬미
2022-08Engineering Strategies for Intracellular Plasmid Delivery in Mammalian Cells김동우
2022-02Synphilin-1의 G0/G1 phase에서 cell cycle 진행 억제에 대한 관련성권도현
2022-02CO2/Propylene Oxide Copolymerization with a Bifunctional Catalytic System Composed of Multiple Ammonium Salts and a Salen Cobalt Complex Containing Sulfonate Anions현용빈
2022-02Phosphoric Acid Catalyzed Polycondensation of Diol and Dicarboxylic Acid이홍철
2022-02Synthesis of Silylene-Bridged Thiophene-Fused Cyclopentadienyl ansa-Metallocene Complexes for High-Performance Supported Catalyst정선미
2022-02cyclic-di-GMP modulates a metabolic flux for carbon utilization in Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium백지원
2022-02Retroreflection-based sandwich-type affinity sensing of isothermal amplification product for pathogen detection이단비
2022-02Preparation of Extremely Active Ethylene Tetramerization Catalyst [iPrN(PAr2)2−CrCl2]+[B(C6F5)4]– (Ar = −C6H4-p-SiR3)이정현
2022-02Novel microwave plasma treated solutions (MPTS) trigger GSDME induced pyroptosis through intracellular ROS signaling in anaplastic thyroid cancer지은종
2022-02Identification of Resistance Factors Required for Escherichia coli Survival against Acid and Copper Stresses김예은
2022-02Endogenous BiP reporter system for simultaneous identification of ER stress and antibody production in Chinese hamster ovary cells경민지
2021-08Engineering of Interleukin12 (IL12)-Based Immunocytokines with Improved Biophysical Properties김은지
2021-08Replacement of the Common Chromium Source CrCl3(thf)3 with Well-Defined [CrCl2(μ-Cl)(thf)2]2 for Synthesis of Ethylene Tetramerization Catalyst.이동근
2021-08Mechanism study of cytosol-penetrating antibody-mediated CMVpp65/HLA-A*02:01 complex display on tumor cells손민정
2021-08Microbial production of retinoic acid using metabolically engineered Escherichia coli한민재
2021-02In Situ Crosslinked Micelle/Hydrogel Composites for Local and Sustained Delivery of Hydrophobic Anticancer Drugs박지슬
2021-02Development of a simple and sensitive method for assaying proteases using a pregnancy test strip김유선
2021-02Development of Te-free blue-emitting ZnSe/ZnS Quantum Dots손채연
2021-02Preparation of Styrene Moiety-Carrying Diorganozinc Compound for Production of Polystyrene-Polyolefin-Polystyrene Triblock Copolymers이종철
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