Relay Node Placement Strategies in Wireless Sensor Network

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dc.contributor.authorSaif Shams, S.M-
dc.description학위논문(석사)--아주대학교 정보통신전문대학원 :정보통신공학과,2009. 2-
dc.description.tableofcontents1.Introduction 7 2.Problem Formulations and Background 8 2.1 Definition and Terminology 9 2.2 Problem formulation: 10 2.2.1 RN placement in 2tWSN in Convex shaped region (2tRNP-C) 10 2.2.2 RN placement in 2tWSN in Convex shaped region with BS: 2tRNPB-C 10 2.2.3 RN placement in 2tWSN in Non-Convex shaped region with BS: 2tRNPB-NC 11 2.2.4 Fault-tolerant RN placement in 2tWSN: F2tRNP 11 3. Related work 11 4. Approximation Algorithms for RN placement in 2tWSN. 13 4.1 Fast-approximation algorithm (FA) for 2tRNP-C: 13 4.1.1 FA algorithm for 2tRNP-C 14 4.1.2 Fast-approximation Algorithm for 2tRNPB-C 16 4.2 Algorithmic Complexity and performance of Algorithm-1 and 2: 16 4.3 Polynoimial Greedy Approximation (PGA) Algorithm for 2tRNP-C 18 4.3.1 PGA algorithm for 2tRNP-C 22 4.3.2 PGA algorithm for 2tRNPB-C 24 4.4 Algorithmic Complexity and performance of Algorithm-3 and 4: 26 4.5 Approximation algorithm for 2tRNP-NC 30 5. Performance evaluation 32 6. Conclusion & Future direction 35 References 35-
dc.publisherThe Graduate School, Ajou University-
dc.rights아주대학교 논문은 저작권에 의해 보호받습니다.-
dc.titleRelay Node Placement Strategies in Wireless Sensor Network-
dc.contributor.affiliation아주대학교 정보통신전문대학원-
dc.contributor.department정보통신전문대학원 정보통신공학과- 2-
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