Enhancement of the Usability of a Weapon System by Localizing the Graphical User Interface Language for the Foreign Use

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dc.description학위논문(석사)--아주대학교 일반대학원 :시스템공학과,2019. 8-
dc.description.tableofcontentsAbstract i List of figures: v List of Tables: v 1 Introduction 7 1.1 Purpose 7 1.2 Hypothesis 7 1.3 Thesis objectives 7 1.4 Thesis questions 8 1.5 Thesis motivation 9 1.6 Related work 12 1.7 Methodology 14 1.8 Research structure 15 2 Theoretical background 16 2.1 Human-Computer interface (HCI) 17 2.1.1 The origin of HCI 17 2.1.2 HCI and system engineering 21 2.1.3 HCI in weapon systems 24 2.2 Usability 25 2.2.1 Background about usability 25 2.2.2 Definition of usability 26 2.2.3 Toward designing usable user interface design 28 Usable design 28 Interface design 29 Interaction design 30 Information design 30 2.2.4 User interface, Usability and User experience 31 2.3 Localization 33 2.3.1 Culture 34 Culture and its effects on the user interface design 37 Language 40 3 Methodology for assessment 42 3.1 Usability evaluation approaches 42 3.1.1 Usability inspection methods 43 3.1.2 Usability test methods 46 3.2 Questionnaires 49 3.2.1 The System Usability Score – SUS 50 3.2.2 The Post-Study System Usability Questionnaires – PSSUQ 51 3.2.3 The System Usability Management Inventory – SUMI 52 3.2.4 The questionnaires of User Interface Satisfaction – QUIS 52 4 Implementation of the GUI 53 4.1 Modification implementation 53 4.1.1 The example system user interface 54 4.1.2 Current system’s GUI 55 4.1.3 Proposed Prototype 56 Mere translation 56 Translation and mirroring 56 5 The survey 58 5.1 Questionnaires structure 58 5.2 The participants 66 5.3 The procedure 66 5.4 The scoring system 68 5.4.1 SUS survey 68 5.4.2 QUIS survey 69 6 Results 70 6.1 First round results 70 6.2 Second round results 73 7 Conclusion and future work 76 7.1 Conclusion 76 7.2 Future work 77 8 References 79-
dc.publisherThe Graduate School, Ajou University-
dc.rights아주대학교 논문은 저작권에 의해 보호받습니다.-
dc.titleEnhancement of the Usability of a Weapon System by Localizing the Graphical User Interface Language for the Foreign Use-
dc.contributor.affiliation아주대학교 일반대학원-
dc.contributor.department일반대학원 시스템공학과-
dc.date.awarded2019. 8-
dc.description.alternativeAbstractIt may be that the background culture of user has any influence on the usability of a system, particularly the language for the user’s interface. The study was conducted on the example system to see if there is any improvement in the usability of the system when the graphical user interface (GUI) language is localized. The GUI of this example system was originally developed in English. This GUI was modified into the Arabic version for the foreign users whose local language is Arabic while maintaining all GUI contents the same. This is in order to see any positive effect on the usability of the GUI and thus the system improvement in effectiveness when the local language is used. The reading system was chosen to be the critical point of the interest. The implementation of the modification was based on the theoretical background of the language effects and the mirroring in the GUI design. The mirroring process was incorporated to modify the layouts of Left-to-Right English language to the Right-to-Left Arabic language. The survey was conducted in two rounds for two groups. In the first round, both group members were first time to experience the system. One group used the English version while the other used the Arabic version and evaluated the system. In round 2, each group used the other version and evaluated it. The results of the survey for both rounds show 5~34% improvement of the usability. In addition, 27~56% improvement in the learnability aspect of the system.-
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