Effect of Big Five Personality Traits and Mindfulness on the Preference to E-Selection

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dc.description.tableofcontentsTable of Contents Abstract Table of Contents List of Figures List of Tables CHAPTER ONE 1. Introduction 1.1 Research Background 1.2 Research Purpose 1.3 Organization of Thesis CHAPTER TWO 2. Literature Review and Hypotheses 2.1 Electronic selection 2.2 Big Five Personality Trait 2.2.1 Extraversion 2.2.2 Conscientiousness 2.2.3 Agreeableness 2.2.4 Openness 2.2.5 Neuroticism 2.3 Mindfulness theory CHAPTER THREE 3. Research Method and Data Source 3.1 Data analysis 3.2 Participants 3.3 Variables Measurement 3.3.1 Personality measures 3.3.2 Participant’s mindfulness CHAPTER FOUR 4. Results 4.1 Validity and Reliability Analysis of the Constructs 4.2 Effect of Big Five personality trait and Mindfulness on E-selection 4.3 Final Results of Hypothesis Testing CHAPTER FIVE 5. Discussion 5.1 Moderation effect of Mindfulness on the Relationship between Big Five personally trait and E-Selection 5.2 Theoretical Implications 5.3 Practical Implications 6. Research Limitations and Recommendations 7. Conclusion Appendix References-
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dc.titleEffect of Big Five Personality Traits and Mindfulness on the Preference to E-Selection-
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dc.description.alternativeAbstractRecently, technology has widespread impact on HR hiring process, enabling organizations to increase efficiency and save organizational resources. One of them is e-selection referred as various forms of technologies used to facilitate the hiring process within the organization. Despite the extent use of e-selection within organizations, relatively little research examined individual attitude on this type of selection process. Current study seeks to investigate individual preference to technology-based selection process by accessing their personality trait and effect of mindfulness for their choice. Big Five Inventory and Langer’s mindfulness survey forms were distributed between participants (N = 201), including international students and foreign employees of South Korea, which presented satisfactory results on research model, indicating that mindfulness have significant effect on individual preference to e-selection. Additionally, the findings of this study showed that three personality traits, including openness and conscientiousness have significant positive relationship, while neuroticism had significant negative relationship with e-selection. Two personality traits: extraversion and agreeableness revealed insignificant results remaining as a main limitation of the research and requires for future research. Specific measures and directions are mentioned to advance the current study in the end.-
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