Expression of Kir4.1 in acquisition and loss of stemness

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dc.description학위논문(석사)--아주대학교 일반대학원 :신경과학기술과정,2019. 2-
dc.description.tableofcontentsI.INTRODUCTION 1 A. Astrocyte 1 1. Reactive astrocytes 1 2. Expression of stem cell markers in reactive astrocytes 2 B. Inwardly rectifying potassium channel 4.1 (Kir4.1) 3 1. Inwardly rectifying K+ channel (KIR channel) 3 2. Function of Kir4.1 in normal glial cells 3 3. Kir4.1 related to pathological conditions 4 C. Specific Aims 5 II. Materials and methods 6 A. Sphere culture from neonate slice 6 B. Primary neural stem cell culture 6 C. Western blot 7 D. Immunohistochemistry 7 E. Real time PCR 8 IIII. RESULTS 10 A. Co-expression of Kir4.1 and Sox2 in astrocytes in injured brain10 B. Expression and roles of Kir4.1 in acquisition phase of stemness 15 C. Expression and roles of Kir4.1 in differentiation phase of neural stem cells19 IV. DISCUSSION 23 V. CONCLUSION 25 REFERENCES26 국문요약 31-
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dc.titleExpression of Kir4.1 in acquisition and loss of stemness-
dc.title.alternativeJae kyung Kwon-
dc.contributor.affiliation아주대학교 일반대학원-
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dc.contributor.department일반대학원 신경과학기술과정- 2-
dc.description.alternativeAbstractIn response to damage of the brain, astrocytes are activated and increase expression of GFAP. In this study, I found that activated astrocytes increased expression of Kir4.1, a major potassium channel in astrocytes, with markers of neural stem cells including Sox2 and nestin. Kir4.1 expression was also increased with that of nestin and Sox2 when spheres were formed from dissociated P7 mouse brain. In experiments to find out correlation between Kir4.1 and acquisition of stemness, BaCl2, an inhibitor of Kir4.1, dose-dependently increased size of spheres and Sox2 levels although nestin levels were little changed. In further experiments, expression and functions of Kir4.1 in differentiation of neural stem cells were examined. For this, stem cells were cultured from E13 mouse brain were differentiated. At 1 d after differentiation of stem cells was induced by withdrawing EGF and FGF from the culture media, Kir4.1 expression sharply increased, and then decreased thereafter to 5 d while Sox 2 and nestin levels continuously decreased to 5 d. BaCl2, however, did not change expression levels of Sox2 and nestin as well as differentiation markers, GFAP and TUJ-1. Taken together, these results suggest that Kir4.1 may control gain of stemness but not differentiation of stem cells.-
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