Makorin 1 regulates developmental timing in Drosophila

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dc.description학위논문(석사)--아주대학교 일반대학원 :신경과학기술과정,2019. 2-
dc.description.tableofcontentsI. INTRODUCTION 1 II. MATERIALS AND METHODS 5 A. Generation of mkrn1 mutants and fly strains 5 C. Measurement of developmental speed 7 D. RT-PCR analysis 7 E. Western blot analysis 9 F. Immunostaining 10 III. RESULTS 11 A. Loss of MKRN1 delayed development 11 B. Knockdown of mkrn1 paralogs did not produce developmental delay 18 C. Ecdysone synthesizing enzyme expression was reduced in MKRN1 null larvae. 22 IV. Discussion 29 V. Conclusion 34 VI. References 37-
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dc.titleMakorin 1 regulates developmental timing in Drosophila-
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dc.description.alternativeAbstractCentral mechanism for the coordination of growth and sexual maturation is well conserved among invertebrates and vertebrates. While mutations in the gene encoding makorin RING finger protein 3 (mkrn3) have been reported to associate with central precocious puberty in human, causal relationship has not been elucidated. Here, we examine the role of mkrn1, a Drosophila ortholog of mammalian makorin genes in the regulation of developmental timing. Loss of MKRN1 in the mkrn1exS prolonged 3rd instar stage and delayed pupariation timing resulting in bigger size pupae. MKRN1 was expressed in the prothoracic gland in which steroid hormone ecdysone is produced. In mkrn1exS larvae, phantom, which encodes ecdysone- synthesizing enzyme and E74, which is the downstream target of ecdysone, mRNA levels were reduced. Collectively, these results indicate that MKRN1 functions to fine-tune the developmental timing and sexual maturation via affecting ecdysone synthesis in Drosophila. Moreover, our study supports the notion that malfunction of makorin gene family member, mkrn3 cause the puberty timing dysregulation in mammals.-
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